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Store Questions

Q: How quickly will my order be despatched?

A: We despatch the morning or following morning after payment is confirmed.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: We are located in South East Melbourne so delivery times can vary anywhere between 2-8 business days.

Note: If you order through our website, the option of Standard or Express will be given at checkout.

Q: I can’t wait that long, do you supply anywhere near me?

A: We do! We supply to hardware stores nationwide, check out our stockist list.

Note: Not all our stockist hold our complete product range, they may be special ordered in.

Q: How is freight calculated?

A: We use a quote calculator through Auspost, it checks box dimensions, weight and the destination.

Q: I ordered the wrong brackets and/or seal.

A: Send us an email with your invoice number reference and let us know what you intended to purchase.

Q: I want a refund on my bracket i got from a hardware store.

A: This will have to be settled with the hardware store you went to.

Q: I already have a seal, can i get just the bracket?

A: We sell our brackets in kit forms which must come with a seal.

Computation Questions

Q: What is the computation service?

A: The computation service provides calculations for the brackets to your specific build, often building surveyors and council ask for these, otherwise its just a useful service to confirm the brackets can work in your set conditions.

Q: How much is the computation service?

A: The computation service is completely free!

Q: How long does the computation service take to complete?

A: Each job can vary and time of year is especially important, our goal will be within 24h, we will let you know if it is to exceed that.

Q: I need a Form 15, Reg 126, Certificate of Compliance.

A: These documents are not something we can provide in house, this is something an engineer we work with can complete at a fee. A computation form will still need to be completed in advanced.

Q: I don’t know some of the information your computation form is asking me for

A: The calculator we use in house demands all this information, we cannot help you if any details are missing unfortunately.

Q: Can i send you plans?

A: You can! Please know, we are not engineers ourselves, we use the plans to identify the pergola layout and brackets distribution, we will not accept plans as substitute of the computation form.

Q: What is the Maximum beam length supported by 1 bracket?

A: This is the distance a single bracket is carrying on its own, this is not the same as spacing but can be calculated by spacing.

Q: My pergola beam timber material isn’t listed?
A: What is listed is what’s in the calculator, opt for another timber type that shares the same timber joint group.

Q: I am using Aluminum for my pergola beam?

A: We cannot help with Aluminum connections currently, we are working on solutions, check back soon!

Q: My pergola isn’t a standard design.

A: Submit the computation form and send a follow up email with some plans explaining your situation.

Q: My top plate is less than 90mm

A: The brackets are 95mm wide, you should discuss options to widen the strengthen your top plate for a suitable installation.

Q: My calculations have the wrong information.

A: Calculations are to what is specified on your computation request, if something needs to be adjusted, send us an email or submit a new computation request.

Q: I have since changed my pergola design and/or values i provided on my computation request, are my calculations still valid?

A: No, if anything is changed from your original request and completed calculations, the advice is to resubmit a new form with the new information.

Q: Can i use my calculations on another job?
A: A new computation should be completed per job.

Q: Can i get a copy of the capacity tables.

A: No, the computation service is the route you should take for engineering information, it will check the loads such as Lateral and Uplift.

Q: How soon should i do this computation request?

A: As soon as you want! These calculations don’t have an expiration date and even if you didn’t plan to use our brackets originally, its worth having the ready as a back up.

Q: Can i get a calculation for 1 bracket?

A: The calculator only allows 2 brackets minimum to complete a calculation, email us your design and intentions and we will look into this further.

Q: Can the brackets be installed on lintels?

A: We encourage you to avoid installing on lintels – if they are unavoidable, you will need to discuss with a structural engineer how you can strengthen them.

General Questions.

Q: I am a hardware store, how can i become a stockist?

A: Send us an email with a bit of information of your business and we will get back to you.

Q: My local hardware store doesn’t have the bracket i’m looking for.

A: Some items in some locations are more popular, if you are struggling to find a stockist near you, try our online store HERE.

Q: What is a ‘bracket kit’?

A: Our brackets come in a package, the kit includes the bracket, a seal and depending on the product, a backing plate & hex nut.

Q: What is the purpose of the hex nut?

A: The hex nut essentially locks the top bracket into place to the chosen height.

Q: I only need the top bracket, can i get this separately?

A: We do not sell our bracket components separately, they are made in pairs.

Q: Can i swap a component for another in a different kit?

A: We do not encourage mixing the bracket kits with other kits.

Q: Does the Flashrite seal work on tiled roofs?

A: For tile roofs we encourage using our Flexatile seal.

Q: What is the difference between the MKII and the S-Series brackets?
A: All brackets are adjustable heights, between a set range which don’t overlap with each other, additionally the S-Series kits come with a backing plate for the bottom connection.

Q: What are the brackets made of?

A: Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

Q: Can i get the brackets in stainless steel?

A: Yes, they’re 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Q: My house is made of steel, can i still use the Roof Extenda Brackets?
A: Currently, we cannot support installation to an existing steel structure. we are however working on solutions, check back soon.

Q: How do i get listed as a stockist?
A: If you are a reseller of ours, send us an email and we will look into this further.

Q: I would like to share photos of some jobs i have done for your gallery.

A: Please send us an email, we would love to see your work and we will include your business name in the post!

Q: Can i walk in and purchase a bracket?

A: We welcome walk ins, however if you could let us know in advanced via phone call with what you are interested in, that would be greatly appreciated so we can prepare your order.

Q: Can the Flashrite be retrofitted?

A: Yes, they can with a small retrofit clip.

Q: Can the Flexatiles be retrofitted?

A: No.

Q: Are the weatherseals BAL certified?

A: Yes, visit their respected pages for more information.

Q: How many brackets do i need for my pergola?
A: There is not a set value as every job is different, we encourage doing a computation request. Frequently people opt for a bracket every 1-1.5m.

Q: What protection do the brackets have?
A: All our brackets are electro-zinc plated.

Q: I am in a corrosive area, do you do Galvanised brackets?
A: We do not, we suggest you cold galv the brackets yourself with regular upkeep, or look into our stainless steel options.

Q: What is the bracket height measurement from and to?
A: The measurement is from the bottom plate of each bracket component – the top of your wall top plate, to the bottom of the pergola beam.

Q: What is the height of the Shade Sail Anchor?
A: They’re 350mm in length with a 200mm shaft.

Q: Where can i find installation guides for Roof Extenda Brackets?
A: All installation guides for all of our brackets can be found HERE.

Q: What are Safety Anchors used for?

A: They’re essential in everyday building practices. You can attach yourself to the Safety Anchor whilst you’re on the roof cleaning solar panels for example to prevent falling off.